About Northern Virginia Outside

See you outside !

Like most of America’s public lands this site is multi-use; whether your passion is camping, hiking, traveling, fishing, hunting or paddling.  Northern Virginia Outside is dedicated to 
three goals:

Educating readers about out-of-doors opportunities in Northern Virginia, and beyond, and the role that all outdoorsmen have in habitat and wildlife conservation.

Encouraging readers to protect our natural resources and to pass on our wild heritage to the next generation.

To entertain — being outdoors is awesome, but with The Man’s boot on our necks eight hours a day, sometimes reading about it is the only way to slip loose the bonds of our cubicles.

If you have a comment, story, or photo you’d like to submit contact Jeff at northernvirginiaoutside@gmail.com

2 responses to this post.

  1. I like very much to eat the tasty fish! Catch big ones and stay safe!



  2. You catch the feesh big. My congratulations to you go. I catch the fish in the Ukraine. Catch big carp. Carp not good eat.



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