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Avoid Twists and Snarls on a Spinning Reel

Ways to spend more time fishing and less time untangling your line

Flipping the bail manually prevents line twists

A few weeks ago, I was out in my kayak fishing in the Potomac off Belle Haven and my monofilament  kept  twisting  around the rod tip and coiling on the spool in frequent, maddening snarls.  The bass and yellow perch were biting that day, but I swear I had to untangle my line three times for every fish I hooked.

Tony, who fishes pretty successfully out of his bass boat down there, saw my predicaments and suggested I do this the next time I spool up some fresh line:

After filling your spool with good quality monofilament, take the rod and reel outside. Tie off on a stationary object such as a small tree or truck bumper and walk out about two-hundred feet of line. That’s about three to four times as a long as good cast. Depending on the test strength of the line, grab it with your hand, and stretch the line with a steady pressure below its breaking point.

This makes the line supple and limp and helps avoid unwanted coiling altogether. It also pre-stretches the line for better hook sets when fish take the bait.

The second trick is to flip the bail manually after every cast. Instead of  turning the handle, just push the bail over with your free hand. This keeps the bail from contacting loose line before it gathers it on the spool. This method prevents twisted line that eventually forms snarls.

So there you have it — now I haven’t caught much fish lately, but at least I haven’t had to undo any tangled line !

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