Bats in Belle View

Big Brown bat pups are common sights this time of year

What is that?!, shrieked my wife pointing out something brown and hairy that clung to the wall of our condo in the Belle View neighborhood of Alexandria two nights ago.

At first we thought it was a giant moth. I got closer and saw that it was a little bat. He was just hanging out – as bats do- and didn’t seem to be bothering anyone. In fact, he was kind of cute.

To find out what kind of bat the little guy was, I turned to my sister.  She is an avid caver and works part-time for the State of Pennsylvania checking on vulnerable bat populations. Some local species are being decimated by the dreaded white nose syndrome.

Turns out,  she thinks our neighborhood friend is a juvenile big brown bat. The young are called pups. My sister’s friend had one turn up in her kitchen sink the other morning. This time of year the pups are starting to fly and wander from their mothers and like any kid, they get lost, take chances they shouldn’t and get stuck in bad situations.

In about three weeks they’ll have learned and we’ll no longer see them in odd locations.


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